Abdul Stalker Tried It Once Before

A former American Idol contestant, who had a deep affection for Paula Abdul, apparently committed suicide near the Idol host’s home, People.com reports.

Paula Goodspeed, 30, was found dead by a drug overdose Tuesday night in her car. And now authorities tell TMZ.com they were called to the Abdul residence about a year ago, because Godspeed had overdosed in the same spot.

The car, parked a few doors down from Abdul’s house, featured a license plate “ABL LV” and had a photo of Abdul hanging from the rear view mirror. A DMV check of the license showed that the car was registered to Goodspeed.

Abdul was not at home when the body was found. “I am deeply shocked and saddened at what transpired yesterday,” she said in a statement. “My heart and prayers go out to her family.”

Goodspeed was a Season 5 contender, whose audition performance of “Proud Mary” was panned and mocked by the judges. Still, Goodspeed expressed her affection for Abdul, even after being denied.

“I really like Paula Abdul a lot. She’s really cool,” said Goodspeed when asked about her inspiration during the Idol audition process. “I’m a really big fan, and I made life-sized drawings of Paula. I’ve been drawing ever since I was a little kid, and my first drawing was of Paula Abdul.”

Watch Goodspeed’s audition: