Adam Scott Brings New Comedy To NBC

Adam ScottAdam Scott is shaping up to have an awesome 2011. He’s in negotiations for a role alongside Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis in Seth MacFarlane’s comedy, Ted, he’s got a supporting role on the very funny NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, he got to be in a 3D movie about pirhanas (okay not as illustrious, but it had to have been so much fun), and now he’s producing a new single camera comedy for NBC. Things are looking pretty damn good for Mr. Scott.

His new project, a show called My Son Gomez, is about a suave bachelor who ends up taking care of a young boy who’s got nowhere else to go. Scott’s partnering with Community’s co-executive producer Hilary Winston to bring the project to NBC. Winston, who’s also a successful writer, will pen the script for the new series thanks to the blind script deal that Scott and his wife have set up at NBC.

Yes, NBC is the last place network, but they keep putting faith in some truly great comedies. The Thursday night crew – Community, The Office, 30 Rock, and starting in January Parks and Rec, are top notch and really deserve more attention. With those in mind, I’m hoping Scott’s latest venture can continue to add to that high caliber comedy line-up. Considering that Winston’s written a handful of Community episodes – including a great episode about an STD fair (check it out, trust me on this one) – I think she’s got the potential for another homerun here.

Source: Deadline