‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ Recap: Agent May Needs Some Repairs

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Mission Briefing:
This week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, a woman named Hannah Hutchins, who might or might not have telekinesis has become a danger to herself and others when strange events start to manifest whenever she feels threatened, and she feels threatened a lot ever since she became the neighborhood pariah by causing a laboratory explosion that killed four people. The team brings her aboard the jet for her own protection, but when her mysterious powers cause the jet to crash into a desolate forest, and they lose communications and power, the gang is has to deal with a mysterious force that goes bump in the night and threatens to kill everyone on board.

The Agents:
This Week, it’s Melinda May’s turn for the spotlight. While everyone else want’s to treat the woman causing the mysterious accidents with kid-gloves, “The Calvary” is all business, and her business is shooting unsuspecting people with Tranquillizers, much to Skye’s dismay.

Mission Fallout:
It turns out that Tobias, one of the people that went missing in the explosion, never died but gained the ability to warp between an alien dimension and earth. Ever since, he’s been trying to protect Hannah from everyone and everything that might hurt her (by blowing up the gas station she’s in, and crashing the jet she’s in, and causing everyone around to hate her… he’s not doing the greatest of jobs, really). Tobias was the one who caused the explosion because he just wanted Hutchins, who was a safety regulator at the factory, to visit him sometime — and the concept of asking her out on a date somehow escaped him. We also get to learn more about Agent May, and why she’s so deadly serious all the time. Apparently, she used to be a bit of a goofball before she needed to kill a ton of people to save a couple S.H.I.E.L.D agents, and has become cold and standoffish shell of herself. She helps Tobias understand that he can’t change the awful things that he’s done, and needs to let go, which he does in a wisp of smoke when he teleports away for the last time.

Mission Highlights:
—   It turns out that Ward and May’s late night drink turned into a full on hook up. I don’t think Skye is going to be very thrilled when she finds out, what with all that sexual tension she’s been throwing Ward’s way.
—   Doing a “ghost” episode like this where the cast was trapped the wreckage of their ship was a great change of pace from the usual S.H.I.E.L.D adventure, where the team simply uses hi-tech gadgets to solve all their problems.
—   Fitz-Simmons’ ridiculous account of May’s backstory, which includes Melinda riding in on a horse while dual-wielding rifles, was infinitely more entertaining than the real version.
—   Why exactly is a person having telekinesis so unbelievable? Last episode an ancient alien staff gave Agent Ward angry superpowers. Something as pedestrian as mind powers can’t be all that absurd.