AGT Contestant Tries Out For ‘The Voice’ In Sneak Peak



If you’re talented and things don’t work out on one show, there’s nothing that says you can’t try out for another show.

Dave Fenley did ‘America’s Got Talent’ during Season 8 way back in 2013. Dave did pretty well, in fact not only did he get through, but he also got all the way to the semifinals, eliminated by judges pick when only Mel B liked his cover of “Say You’ll Be There” by the Spice Girls. Since then he’s had some notoriety and stardom, but he wants more, so Dave took off the newsboy cap and he went on to the Voice.

In the above clip, you can watch Dave’s audition as he sings Travis Tritt’s song “Help Me Hold On”. Spoiler alert: He gets through, but has the tough decision picking between Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton.

Here’s hoping he has another stellar run at reality show stardom.


Check out who Dave chooses as well as the other auditions on ‘The Voice’ airing tonight, October 1, 2018, at 8/7c on NBC.