Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon Do Donald Trump: Late Last Night

Alec Baldwin stopped by to chat with Jimmy Fallon and they both did Donald Trump impressions and, well, it was hilarious. I must say though, even though Baldwin’s impressions are some of the best in the business, Fallon got him on this one. “The Beatles?! Who are these guys!”

Kate Hudson talked with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show (despite her “Pregnant Brain”) about how she may abandon acting to become, simply, a handy woman. The first step? Getting a tool belt, obviously.

Eva Mendes explained to Conan that he looked much better with a beard and probably convinced him to grow it back someday. (Let’s be honest though, what straight male wouldn’t do anything and everything Eva Mendes requests?) He won’t be growing a mustache though, because as Mendes says, those are only for pornos or delivering pizza — or both!

Betty White chatted with David Letterman on the Late Show about her dating life just before something a little, err, awkward happened. Apparently, in her new book, there’s a picture of Jay Leno interviewing White, but no evidence of Letterman. Ouch.