How Much Yelling Should We Expect from Alec Baldwin’s MSNBC Show?

Think about Alec Baldwin. Go ahead, don’t be afraid. Take a deep breath and brave the terrors of his haunting aura. You’re picturing him yelling, aren’t you? Admit it — and it’s not just because we’ve influenced your thread of conscious thought with the particularly shouty image embedded to the left. It’s because he’s a yeller. In movies, on television, and in his highly spotlit personal life, Baldwin is known for his temper. That’s why we’re particularly engaged with the idea of him taking on a primetime MSNBC program — a transaction that Mediaite reports is presently in the works. Because what environment is less conducive to yelling than a political talk show?

The series, which will reportedly air Friday nights at 10 PM, could be Baldwin’s first official televised outlet for his well-known liberal politics. A place where he can put his ideologies, and his knack for high-volume personal expression, to the test.

Of course, now that he’ll be a professional, Baldwin will have to ration out his tirades appropriately. So how much hostility should we expect if…

… a guest disagrees with his social policies? Maybe something like this:

… a guest insults Baldwin’s preferred political candidate? Perhaps somewhere around this neighborhood:

… a guest doesn’t show up for an interview? Ech, that’s a doozy:

Of course, every once in a while, Baldwin might invite a guest host on the show to yell for him. Luckily, he keeps pretty yelly company:

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