Alec Baldwin’s SNL Promo Brings the Forte

alec baldwin Five nights ago, Betty White dominated when she hosted “Saturday Night Live.” She brought wonderful ratings, and she was so unspeakably good that you’re  buying muffins in the morning. That’s how good she was — you eat muffins now because Betty White talked about them. Your mother isn’t even that powerful.

The question on everyone’s mind is if this week’s episode – which happens to be the season finale — will explode in hilarity, too. Chances are it will not, because Betty’s off training for a triathlon by carrying boulders across the ocean floor. But Lorne Michaels knows we’re all going to be watching and looking for the first opportunity to point out how drastically disappointing the finale is compared to Betty’s appearance.  

So Michaels gave hosting duties to NBC’s biggest ally that isn’t Tina Fey: Alec Baldwin. This will be his 15th time on the show and the preview (below) seems to indicate he’s confident he can surpass Betty’s shenanigans. (Jack Donaghy certainly could.)