Alec Baldwin to Join NBC’s Late-Night Lineup?

Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

It looks like even more drastic changes could be coming to NBC’s late night lineup. After officially announcing that Jimmy Fallon would be taking over Jay Leno‘s hosting gig at The Tonight Show in 2014, NBC is eyeing Alec Baldwin as a potential addition to the network’s cabal of talented hosts.

The New York Times reports that Baldwin is in talks to take over a spot in the late-night lineup. No specific show is named, and apparently those talks are still in the very, very early stages. reached out to NBC and Baldwin for comment but did not hear back at time of publication.

The Emmy-winning actor is no stranger to the peacock network, coming off a highly successful series run on 30 Rock, but he isn’t the only NBC favorite in the running for the open hosting gig. Saturday Night Live‘s Seth Meyers is also reportedly in the running to take over Fallon’s vacated spot at Late Night.

Since megaproducer Lorne Michaels runs Fallon’s show (as well as 30 Rock and SNL), it would make sense that he’d want to hire someone with whom he already has a working relationship. But who will come out on top in this new late-night war: Baldwin, Meyers, or someone else altogether?

Both candidates have the experience to take on the responsibilities that come with hosting a late-night talk show. Meyers has been wildly successful as the solo host of SNL‘s “Weekend Update” segment after his co-host Amy Poehler departed the show in 2008. His take on pop culture and current events (with a side of comedy) hardly ever falls flat, and he’s proven he can take the reins by himself. Baldwin has long been regarded as one of the best guests on late-night shows and has won critical praise for a podcast series he created with WNYC radio in New York, called “Here’s The Thing,” in which he has interviewed celebrities such as David Letterman, Billy Joel, Kristen Wiig, Chris Rock, Lena Dunham, and more.

Would Baldwin make a good late night host? What about the whole politics thing? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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