Alec Baldwin Will Host ‘SNL’ Premiere & Break Steve Martin’s Hosting Record

Hey, Steve Martin, you’d better start dusting off that King Tut routine, because Alec Baldwin’s about to steal your title as the most frequent host of SNL. As it stands now, both Martin and Baldwin have 15 hosting gigs under their belts, but come September 24, Baldwin will jump ahead to 16 hosting stints when he takes on the 37th season premiere of the sketch show. Right after he breaks the record, Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids, Mike and Molly) will take on the second episode of the season.

Sure, Baldwin received a surge of popularity when he joined Tina Fey’s little brainchild called 30 Rock, but Baldwin is like unofficial SNL family. He’s even got his own Best Of DVD, and he’s not even a cast member. From Schweddy Balls to the Scoutmaster getting frisky with Adam Sandler’s Canteen Boy, Baldwin’s left his mark on the series and with this move he’s about to leave another. Let’s just hope this dethroning will force Martin to bring out the big guns. Wait, perhaps that was a poor choice of words…Martin is known to get a little violent over these things.

Source: AOL TV