Alexander Skarsgard Goes Barhopping with his Grandma: Late Last Night

Last night, Alexander Skarsgard appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and, in all his Swedish glory, demonstrated the proper use of the accent and family traditions that involve barhopping with his wheelchair-bound grandma.

Also on Late Night, Sarah Michelle Gellar shared a particularly bizarre (and pretty gross) story about her daughter and hummus, and to explain all the benefits of having yourself as a costar as she does in her new show, Ringer.

Pauly D visited The Tonight Show to talk about the “lap dance” he got from Britney Spears and to undergo Christina Applegate’s impulses to touch his hair.

Finally, Christina Applegate told Jay about her “Mother Tucker” and how she passed up a secret Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in favor of a veggie burger.