Ranking All the Villains on ‘True Blood’ (So Far)

Mariana Klaveno, True BloodHBO

With the final season of True Blood hitting television screens this summer, our heroine Sookie (Anna Paquin) will be tasked with fighting a new kind of evil: zombie-like vampires. Though we may be sad to see True Blood finally bite the dust, there have been six seasons worth of fantastic villains. We’re taking the time to appreciate some of them before the true death of HBO’s vamp show. 

Maryann Forrester (Michelle Forbes)

Maryann’s crimes include hosting huge orgies, creating chaos, forcing humans to do her bidding, and attempting to sacrifice a magical creature. She may not be the most evil of True Blood’s villains — she also, arguably, did have some people’s interests at heart — but let’s not forget the whole sacrifice/mind control thing.

Antonia Gavilán (Paola Turbay/Fiona Shaw)

As far as the reasoning behind villainous intentions, Antonia’s may be the easiest to understand. Though she is overcome with a need for vengeance and possesses Marnie Stonebrook’s (Fiona Shaw) body in an attempt to seek revenge, can you blame her? She was tortured by vampires; given the laundry list of evil vampires we’ve seen on True Blood it’s almost understandable. 

Lorena Krasiki (Mariana Klaveno)

For most of her time on True Blood, Lorena is more of a jealous ex-girlfriend than an actual villain. That’s not to say that ex-girlfriends can’t be evil, because Lorena certainly is. However, she’s not that much worse than some other vampires on True Blood, though she does help give the species a bad name.

Macklyn Warlow (Rob Kazinsky)

Warlow — or Ben, as we first knew him — was the main antagonist of the most recent season, but he had been teased for most of the show’s lifespan. Warlow was the vampire that murdered Sookie’s parents. He also tried to force Sookie to marry him, which was as creepy as it was evil. However, as far as nefarious villains, he spent most of the season (literally) tied up which wasn’t very good for his bad guy reputation.

Rene Lenier/Drew Marshall (Michael Raymond-James)

Though Rene — or should we call him Drew — was more species-ist than outright evil, his psychopathic tendencies really don’t help his case. As the first season’s big bad, the vampire and vampire-sympathist murderer made for a great mystery and thrilling season. Plus, anyone who can kill a nice old women like Adele Stackhouse must be at least 89 percent evil.

Steve and Sarah Newlin (Michael McMillian & Anna Camp)

As religious fanatics, Steve and Sarah Newlin commit some cruel atrocities against vampires in the name of their god. However, even though they may have thought what they were doing was right, it wasn’t. Their delusion makes them pretty darn evil, especially Sarah’s testing facility in the sixth season.

Franklin Mott (James Frain)

Though Franklin wasn’t around for a long time, he managed betray some of our beloved characters Tara and Jessica. To make matters worse for himself, he has no redeeming qualities and many viewers were glad to see him die.

Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare)

By far the most evil vampire on True Blood, Russell has little to no regard for human life, he is a crazed lunatic who just wants to watch the world burn, and his proper Southern accent makes him all the more menacing. Plus, he comes back from being buried under massive amounts of concrete. He’s the biggest bad True Blood has seen yet.