The Good, The Bad And The Robotic: ‘Almost Human’ Season Review

Almost Human, Michael Ealy, Karl Urban and Minka KellyFOX Broadcasting Co.

All of the futuristic gadgets, zany crimes and mashed-up metal on Almost Human have malfunctioned. The show finished its 13-episode run with a lot of gaps in the story. That was way too quick. It has been enjoyable watching John Kennex (Karl Urban) and Dorian (Michael Ealy) fight crime, but Almost Human has a ton of untapped potential. Questions need to be answered such as…

When Will the Antagonist Reappear?

Dr. Nigel Vaughn (John Larroquette) has established himself as the main bad guy. Or at least he is potentially. Vaughn is a rogue cyborg creator on the run. A crazed robot called an XRN (Gina Carano) still exists and as long as it’s around, lives are at risk. The XRN killed countless people during the first run-in with law enforcement. When Kennex and the rest of the crew realize the XRN is functioning again, they quiver like a bunch of rookies on their first patrol. 

The Insyndicate, the top tier of organized crime, still needs to be taken down. Kennex barely survived the Insyndicate’s attack that killed his partner. And what about Kennex’s ex-girlfriend, Anna Moore, who helped the Insyndicate in the attack? Almost Human must address these antagonists in future episodes. We got basically nothing from Season 1.

Stahl Is a Chrome. So What?

Nobody’s perfect. Except maybe chromes. In Almost Human, chromes are genetically superior people who live longer, excel at everything, and mingle with their own. Valerie Stahl (Minka Kelly) is a detective, which surprises her fellow chromes. Usually, law enforcement is beneath a chrome.  She has a lot in common with Kennex. The possibility of these two getting together seemed like a formality. Unfortunately, romance must take a back seat as Stahl was last seen dating some hotshot chrome. Would a chrome date a normal human?

The Wall and Future Sci-Fi Terrain

Many characters make references to the wall, a structure built to separate cities. People aren’t allowed to cross the wall and it’s not a place you casually visit. Vaughn made his escape (along with stolen XRN materials) by scaling the wall. What’s on the other side? And what else can Almost Human do to wow us going forward? Dorian could clash with other cyborgs in potentially limitless action sequences. Kennex is weighed down by his inner demons. Investigating crimes, Dorian’s partnership and Stahl’s smile keep him sane. Let’s hope he stays that way.