Amanda Seyfried Loves Dead Animals: Late Last Night

Amanda Seyfried loves dead animals. Let’s just get that right out in the open. The Gone star is a huge aficionado of taxidermy. She’s got dead horses, dead birds, dead butterflies—and how you stuff a butterfly is beyond me. But there’s one thing that she doesn’t have: a raccoon with a jetpack. That is, she didn’t have one, until her fateful visit with Conan O’Brien last night. And the amount of excitement she got over this…it kind of makes Kristen Bell’s sloth incident seem a whole lot less weird.

Alec Baldwin is off sugar. Let that be known, America (and Italy). Ordinarily, hearing a celebrity’s new, trendy dietary restrictions would be boring. But somehow, the debonair master of the screens large and small that is Mr. Baldwin spins the tale of getting off sugar (and explaining to Letterman what an allergy is) is as engrossing as his hair is beautiful.

Tyler Perry has accomplished many things. But his most recent achievement: he has managed to overpower the intergalactic deity that is Oprah. Apparently, Oprah has a rule about not flying on small planes, out of fear of something going wrong. But Perry convinced Oprah to take a ride on his one-pilot, one-engine plane…on which, as you can see in the below clip, she began praying out of fear. So who exactly does a godlike icon pray to?

Before his acting and comedy days, Rob Riggle was a military man. And before his duty with the marines, Rob Riggle was kind of a reckless kid. Riggle’s dad had one rule: no motorcycles. So, Riggle compensated for this by engaging in a drag race…on the very first day he got his license. And, of course, the race did not end well. And just as this is the first America is hearing of the story, it is the first Riggle’s dad, present in the audience, is hearing the true version, too.