AMC Goes To Comic Book Reality Show With Kevin Smith

kevin smithI stopped following Kevin Smith on twitter several months ago. And suddenly, I was reading less on twitter, knew far less about a billion podcasts I don’t listen to, and all was well with the world. I knew I wouldn’t be getting the news straight from the source but I knew it was worth not having to read a 3000 WORD monologue, 140 characters at a time.

Which is why this is the first I’m hearing of the news that Kevin Smith is teaming up with AMC (yep, the channel that brings you Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead is partnering with the guy who did Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Cop Out) to produce a comic book store reality TV show. He’s probably mentioned it a thousand times and a half on twitter but I was too busy doing other stuff to notice. Now, obviously Smith is a huge comic book fan and he often does his best work live. His quasi-stand up shows are hilarious, if a little long winded. So this could be a decent medium for him to work in. My only concern is that while Kevin Smith has the ability to hit home runs (Clerks II, Chasing Amy, and probably Red State) he just as often hits singles or pop up flies and then spends four years talking about how the pitcher screwed him over on those foul balls. But I’ll reserve the final judgement for the final product. I finally figured out that I don’t have to listen to him and can just enjoy his work on it’s own and if AMC trusts him to make a reality show, then so be it. I’ll tune in.

Source: Pajiba