‘American Horror Story’ Teaser Is Just As Weird As You Thought It Would Be — VIDEO

The cast and crew of American Horror Story: Asylum are keeping things pretty close to the chest. We know that the series’ second season locks up our cast (led by the amazing Jessica Lange) in a tuberculosis ward turned insane asylum in the 1960s, but besides that, we are left pretty much in the dark. Which is, frankly, a pretty scary place to be. A new teaser trailer that just hit the Internet, however, shines a tiny bit of light on this season’s action. But, like a match in a dark forest (look at this extended metaphor!), it barely illuminates the path ahead.

In the clip, we watch a nun, very likely Lange’s asylum keeper, plod along a path carrying two buckets full of what appear to be body parts. She stops on her way to the woods to toss out the contents of one bucket, then continues walking. Saying there’s not a whole lot to go on here would be an exaggeration, but the trailer certainly prepares us for something grizzly. I mean, buckets of body parts? And the Instagram-filtered coloring only adds to the trailer’s spookiness. 

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