‘American Idol’: Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj Are Talking to Each Other Now

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Could American Idol judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, who have notoriously feuded since practically the first moment they came together on the Season 12 panel, secretly be friends? Top 5 performance night saw the women finally acknowledge each other’s presence after months of ignoring each other during the live shows, at first butting heads before Minaj complimented Carey during two separate critiques. They’ve got to be frenemies, at least.

“Nicki completely complimented Mariah,” finalist Angie Miller tells Hollywood.com backstage after the show. “They have a secret friendship, I’m telling you,” she jokes to a small group of reporters. “They go on lunch outings and talk!”

Adds Miller, “You never know what to expect from them, but it was cool that they actually sort of got along tonight. That was cool.”

The fact that the two women aren’t exactly pals has not gone unnoticed by the finalists. When Minaj and Carey, who once collaborated on Carey’s song “Up Out My Face,” actually interacted, Amber Holcomb was shocked. “The whole time it was happening my mouth was dropping,” she says. “I was literally like — that was something to watch.”

While Ryan Seacrest commented on the thawing of the icy wall between the pair, Candice Glover says she prefers to steer clear of the situation completely. “I try to stay out of that,” she says. “That has nothing to do with me!”

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