‘American Idol’ Promo Chooses Inspiration Over Nicki-Mariah In-Fighting


Those of you American Idol fans hoping the series keeps the leaked Nicki MinajMariah Carey drama behind the scenes (translation: us) might be in luck. The first promo for Season 12’s new star-studded season has been released, and there’s nary an “explosive,” “dramatic,” or “I’m gonna knock you out!” adjective in sight. Instead, the promo sees Minaj, Carey, Keith Urban, and Randy Jackson running through generic Idol-friendly phrases (or Brad Pitt Chanel outtakes) like “To all the dreamers” (Carey), “To everyone who thought they’d never have a change” (Minaj), “It’s almost that time of year, America” (Jackson), and “The time to make dreams come true” (Urban). Could this season turn out to be more inspirational than intemperate?

Nah. Based on the promo, it’s more likely to be a five month-long Levi’s ad. Either way, like every year, count us in. Watch the promo below!

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