‘American Idol’ Results: Meet Your Top 13

S10E15: In those months between American Idol seasons, I always forget how intense my feelings can get about a bunch of people I know very little about and honestly, know very little of their singing abilities. The show edits their journeys to make us have these intense (fabricated) connections to these people and when it comes time to cut 11 of them, hearts start breaking all over the place, including mine. This time around, America’s votes only determined 10 of our finalists, while the judges chose an undetermined number wild card contestants to add to that. After making six people “sing for their lives” (which I thought was a dramatic way to put it until I realized that for a lot of folks losing on American Idol means their dreams are almost always stone dead), the judges picked only three wild cards and if you ask me, they picked some of the wrong ones.

So here they are, your top 13. (And if you voted for the wrong ones, why, why, why did you do that?)

The Ones We Voted For

Casey Abrams Idol top 13Casey Abrams

The bluesy jazzy singer belongs in the top 13 and as long as he doesn’t somehow magically fall ill, I could see him winning this whole thing.

Lauren Alaina Idol top 13Lauren Alaina

She’s another natural performer. She’s obviously at home on that stage and I think things are only going to get bigger and better from here on out. I’d say she’s got a chance to be one of our top two, if not the winner.

Jacob Lusk Idol top 13Jacob Lusk

No matter what America decides, Lusk is a born performer whose talents need to be seen. I think America’s on board now, but even if they fall off the Jacob train later down the road, this guy will find success somehow. He just oozes talent.

Thia Megia Idol top 13Thia Megia

While her performance on Wednesday night lacked a little of the soul that we’ve come to expect, she’d definitely got the talent and an amazing quality to her voice. Hopefully America continues to see this girl’s power.

Scotty McCreery Idol top 13Scotty McCreery

Scotty’s definitely got the voice, I’m just not convinced that Idol is the right place for him. Clearly I like the show or I wouldn’t be watching it, but it’s hard to have people on the show whose voices cater to certain niches. He’s talented and maybe that’s the difference this year. Maybe the new Idol isn’t trying to put contestants in a box and trying to let them be the best versions of themselves.

James Durbin Idol top 13James Durbin

I get why Durbin made it into the top 10 on votes, but I’m personally tired of his Adam Lambert rip-off schtick. Yeah, he hits high notes but Lambert already did that and frankly, he does it better.

Haley Reinhart Idol top 13Haley Reinhart

I’m really excited that America gave Haley a chance. Yes, her performance was a little immature, it’s clear that she has quite figured out how to operate that huge talent she’s carrying, but I think she’s getting there and a voice like that is a terrible thing to waste. Plus, she’s cute as a button.

Karen Rodriguez Idol top 13Karen Rodriguez

This is one I really don’t agree with. Lauren Turner’s voice is so much stronger, so much better and she deserved to stay over this girl. Sure, she can work the stage and the crowd, but the raw talent isn’t as good as some of the other singers. Maybe she’ll step it up and start surprising us, but I don’t think she belongs with these other folks.

Paul McDonald Idol top 13Paul McDonald

I wasn’t sure if he was going to make it into the set of finalists, but I’m so incredibly happy that he did. It’s time that Idol stopped trying to make everyone fit in these little cookie cutter molds because pop music isn’t in cookie cutter molds anymore. I can’t wait to see what else Paul brings to the stage.

Pia Toscano Idol top 13Pia Toscano

Well, if it isn’t Miss Giant Surprise herself. I really did not think I’d see this girl in the final set, but after Wednesday’s incredible performance that seemed to come out of nowhere, I’m now on board the Pia train. Let’s just hope that wasn’t a fluke.

The Wild Cards

Ashton Jones Idol top 13Ashton Jones

I’m okay with this choice. Yes, Ashton can belt that Dreamgirls tune so well, but she flubs so many other songs. She’s seriously one-note and while it’s a damn good note, I come to expect more from a top Idol contestant.

Stefano Langone Idol top 13Stefano Langone

This one really breaks my heart. It’s not that Stefano can’t sing, because he really, really can. It’s that his performances don’t have the art and finesse and heart that Robbie Rosen’s have and I was honestly shocked and appalled that Stefano was chosen over Robbie, but that’s what happens in a year when so many talented folks are on the same Idol cycle.

Naima Adedapo Idol top 13Naima Adedapo

We all knew the judges would pick her. She’s mega talented and she’s unique. I don’t know if the judges’ faith in her will transfer to voters though. They didn’t pick her this time around and I’m not sure they’ll keep voting for her, but I hope I’m wrong.

The Departed

Robbie Rosen, Brett Loewenstern, Clint Jun Gamboa, Jordan Dorsey, Julie Zorrilla, Jovany Barretto, Tim Halperin, Lauren Turner, Rachel Zevita, Ta-Tynisa Wilson, and Kendra Chantelle.