‘American Idol’: Who Was the King of Queen?

ALTSeven years ago, Season 5’s American Idol contestants gamely tackled the very difficult works of Queen, leading to one of the most embarrassing moments in the series’ history. (The rock band’s Brian May telling poor Ace Young that he would not incorporate the contestant’s suggestions in altering “We Will Rock You.” Said May, “I will not do that to my song.” Ouch — that hurts more than a trip to the bottom three.) But, during Season 11’s own Queen night, which of the Top 6 had guest rocker May — along with Roger Taylor — shaking his head again, and which had us head-banging to the rock band’s hits like it was 1992? See below for my rankings of tonight’s action — which included a second performance of the contestant’s choice — and be sure to return Thursday morning for my full recap to discuss whether this was a performance night fit for a king!

6. Elise

5. Hollie
4. Jessica
3. Joshua
2. Phillip