An Open Letter To Frank Gallagher of ‘Shameless’

William H. Macy, ShamelessShowtime

Dear Frank Gallagher,

You are a horrible father, disgusting drunk and an even worse human being.

But you knew that already.

Frank (William H. Macy), give up the charade that you care about your children. You are a burden on everything they do and always hold them back. Fiona (Emmy Rossum) and Lip (Jeremy Allen White) are the kids who could have the most success, yet they hate you the most.

Actually, Ian hates you pretty good too.

What scheme will you devise to rob your kids of the little money that they make? Even worse, you get them involved so deep that when you mess up — and you will mess up — they have to bail you out, sometimes literally.

And for what? Your real love, booze.

You aren’t picky about what you drink as long as there are numerous rounds to consume. How many nights have you spent somewhere strange? How the hell have you not gone blind? Your body is starting to shut down, so that’s justice. Still, you have plenty of drunken days and nights, was it worth it? Your smell must resemble an animal that hasn’t cleaned itself in weeks.

Yet somehow, you’ve fathered kids and continue to get sex.

Speaking of hygiene, your look can best be described as a hoboish. Shave. Wash up. Stop drinking! Don’t you get throbbing headaches from being so damn dirty all the time? Bums won’t even give you money.

Frank, you give the Gallagher family a bad reputation. Their name is already tarnished, thanks to you (the rest of the family has earned their hate, though), they don’t need you making things worse.

Go to work or go to hell.