And ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s New Chief of Surgery Is…

kevin mckiddExpect a lot of changes to be made at Seattle Grace Hospital in Grey’s Anatomy’s upcoming season. Right off the bat there will be changes in the hierarchy which could present even more drama for our attendings and residents (which is highly likely on this show). We already know April will become the new Chief Resident (random), but the changes extend even higher than that. There’s also going to be a new Chief of Surgery calling the shots at this chaotic hospital, and who will the new leader be? (SPOILER ALERT) None other than Dr. Owen Hunt!

What does Kevin McKidd have to say for his character’s promotion? The actor states, “He’s as surprised as anybody else about this. And he’s nervous about it…he’s a man of action, really, and the head of trauma surgery — that’s what he knows. Suddenly, he’s in a more administrative position. I think the way he deals with that is going to be interesting.” Well yeah, this guy had a bad habit of choking his now-wife Cristina (played by Sandra Oh) in her sleep due to the effects a ceiling fan had on his war memory dreams, so it will be interesting to see how this war vet will handle sitting behind a desk (choking the patients is not the answer).

So the next big question is what happened to the former Chief of Surgery Dr. Richard Webber? McKidd promised it would be revealed two-hour Season 8 opener that he has opted to step down “because of what’s happening with Adele [and her Alzheimer’s] and what happened with Meredith” and Derek’s tainted drug trial. Yes, I can see why those would be reasons to get the hell up out of there. It will be very interesting to see how Hunt’s fellow doctors handle this huge shift in power. Dr. Hunt will now hold all the power and make all the decisions of how the hospital is run, which could make him lose allies and gain enemies depending on what type of leader he turns out to be. I’m sure surgery-hungry Cristina will try to take full advantage of her hubby holding all the power (and all the surgeries) in the palm of his hand. McKidd says that there could be positives and negatives for the married couple due to his job change saying that this “adds another layer of complication for them.” Because their relationship needed to be more complicated. All Hail Chief Hunt!

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Source: TV Line