Anderson Cooper Schools Kate Gosselin with His ‘Ridiculist’

It seems that Anderson Cooper’s Ridiculist is not only a source of Snooki-adoration and unstoppable poop-joke giggle fits, but life lessons regarding pizza ettiquette. Last night, Cooper treated us to a clip of Kate Plus 8 — something we’ve come to trust Joel McHale over at The Soup to find for us — and broke it down, inane, mind-boggling bit by inane, mind-boggling bit. You’d think the last thing we need on CNN is another mini-clip show — escpecially when we’ve got McHale’s crowning wit to depend on every Friday night on E!’s clip show — but Cooper’s got a psuedo-analytical approach that we can’t help but find refreshing. Between the sideways jokes about how middle-aged body guards’ diets can be so darn finicky, advice about labeling one’s food with things like “Steve’s pizza, do not touch,” and his final speech about the clip’s purpose as a cautionary tale Cooper makes this unbearable bit of television bearable.

Source: THR, CNN