Andy Samberg Thinks He’ll Get Eaten By a Shark During Shark Week

Do you want to know what my three favorite things are? Andy Samberg, sharks, and weeks. I’m serious about that last one. I am extremely passionate about the world’s modern seven-day week dating back in continuous use to the Jewish society under Babylonian captivity during the 6th Century B.C. and as officiated as a standard time unit in the International Organization for Standardization code 8601. Also, did you see “The Creep”? Samberg’s hilarious.

And he is overseeing this year’s Shark Week as Chief Shark Officer: a title that, innately, explains nothing about what he’ll be doing. But he’ll be doing something, and that’s pretty much what he’s best at. To find out even less (but in a much funnier way) about Samberg’s hosting gig for 2011’s Shark Week on Discovery Channel, check out the comedian’s interview below.

Source: AOLTV