Ann Curry’s Commencement Mishap: Late Last Night

Ann Curry’s Commencement Mishap: Late Last Night

Maybe you heard how at the commencement for Wheaton College in Massachusetts, Ann Curry named off graduates of the other Wheaton College, which is in Illinois. She told Jimmy Fallon you should never “Google drunk,” but it’s funny, because in this day and age all it takes to check a fact is a chair and at least one working finger. Ann had access to both, and she still got the colleges mixed up!

And animal expert Jeff Musial introduced Jimmy to a fisher, which is actually an animal and not a man who wears pants made out of tires. Fishers are very vicious creatures, and they do not have the courtesy to kill an animal before they eat it. Which, of course, you and I do. But can you imagine if we did?

Katherine Heigl told Jay Leno about how she met her husband, musician Josh Kelley. Turns out she starred in one of his music videos, where they flirted from behind windows that overlooked an alleyway. And as you’d have it, their pervy window chemistry turned real! And we got a glimpse inside this month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar, where she posed with some pretty dogs…who were basically more interesting than the whole segment.

And Matthew Morrison admitted he has a crush on Michelle Obama. But really, who doesn’t? Even I have a crush on Michelle Obama. If you don’t have a crush on Michelle Obama, you’re dead. You just are.

Chris Harrison, host of my favorite TV show “The Bachelorette,” told Jimmy Kimmel how much he loves being surrounded by 25 dudes at work. Well, technically he didn’t say that. But you can tell he thinks it. He did say whenever you get 4 or more guys together in the same room together, madness ensues, which each and every one of us knows about. But as Jimmy points out, when 4 or more women are in the same room, there’s a different kind of magic that happens.

And Maya Rudolf relayed  what it was like to work with Chris Rock, Adam Sandler and Kevin James for the movie “Grown Ups” while she was pregnant. Needless to say, she’s done acting when she’s with child.