Anna Nicole Smith’s Painful Birth Airs on TV

Anna Nicole Smith almost missed being the star of her own labor video when boyfriend Howard K. Stern forgot to pick up the camcorder on the way to the hospital.

Stern took the former model to Doctors Hospital in the Bahamas when Smith started complaining of a chronic migraine early in September, but when she arrived there, nurses told the couple she had gone into labor.

Desperate to capture the birth of baby Dannielynn, Smith ordered Stern to go back and pick up the camera and instructed doctors to try and hold off labor until he returned.

Stern recalls, “I drove back, I don’t even wanna say what the speed limits were… and when I got back (to the hospital) they said that she was in recovery, so I thought I’d missed the whole thing and then they said, ‘No, we’re preparing her.'”

The amazing birthing footage aired exclusively on news shows Entertainment Tonight and The Insider last night, and shows just how painful the experience was for Smith , who cried out “Oh God” throughout the labor.

She recalls, “I had an epidural but it did not kick in so I felt everything and it was freaky… I actually thought I was dying. It felt like God and Jesus were, like, ripping my insides out of my body and, like, the devil was, like, yanking my insides from my legs and they were playing tug of war.”

The footage also featured the new mom’s request for the caesarian incision to be made above her pelvic tattoo but as low as possible, so she could still “wear a bikini.”

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