Anthony Michael Hall: ‘We Lost Judd at MTV Awards’

Former Brat Pack star Anthony Michael Hall is still mystified about the
whereabouts of his The Breakfast Club co-star Judd Nelson at the MTV Movie Awards, because the actor never showed up to collect his award.

The cast of the 1985 movie were honored at the event, but while moving from
their seats to ones closer to the stage–just before they accepted the 20th
anniversary award–they lost Nelson.

Hall says, “I didn’t see Judd all night. I have no idea where he was. I think
he was there, he just never really made it to the front seat.”

Emilio Estevez was another member of the cast who failed to show onstage, but
the stars’ absence didn’t stop Hall and castmates Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald
and Paul Gleason from having fun.

Hall reveals the old pals were bickering about who should say what onstage,
when Ringwald blew him away with her breast confessions and he insisted she had
to repeat it on TV.

He recalls, “She said, ‘I just had a baby and I fear that if I lean over (the
mic) my t**s are gonna fall out.’ I said, ‘That’s exactly what you have to
say,’ and that’s what she did.”

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