Antoine Dodson Gets His Own Show

If you haven’t yet seen the “Bed Intruder” video or it’s star, Antoine Dodson, you may need to check your internet connection because the guy in unavoidable. He is everywhere. So much so, that he’s even going to get his own reality show now. I thought his 15 minutes of fame had reached it’s final few seconds before the buzzer, but apparently, he’s still got some star power left in him.

In case you’re not clear on who this guy is, he’s a YouTube star made famous for giving an emphatic interview about a home invasion in Lincoln Park in Alabama. The Autotune the News crew then turned it into a song which hit the top 20 songs on iTunes, got 67 million views on YouTube, and made Dodson enough money to ship his family from the projects to a nice house in the suburbs.

The show is backed by Entertainment One and executive producer Kali Hawk, who you may recognize from Couples’ Retreat. No networks have picked up Dodson’s show yet, but taping has already started, capturing footage of Dodson’s move from Alabama to West Hollywood. This whole thing seems a little ridiculous, but then again, I did just watch a show that involved Snooki putting her ass in a refrigerator and dragging her drunken self onto the beach in grinchy green slippers.

Source: Hollywood Reporter