Apparently, Ryan Gosling Was Almost On ‘Gilmore Girls’!


The Gilmore Girls Fan Festival was held in Washington Depot, Connecticut this past weekend and during one of the panels, casting director Jami Rudofsky revealed a MAJOR piece of Gilmore Girls history. When asked about the “one that got away”, Rudofsky revealed that Ryan Gosling (YES THE RYAN GOSLING) was almost a resident of Stars Hallow.

Prior to working on GG, Rudofsky worked on what she referred to as a “pretty teen drama.” She said she saw a young actor who she wasn’t initially impressed with because “He was late… and blonde.” However, she stated that once he began reading for the part she was literally blown away. Once she began casting Gilmore Girls, she remembered that actor who impressed her when he came in to read for a role. Apparently, it wasn’t for a big role because neither Rudofsky or her fellow casting director Mara Casey could remember exactly what it was. However, this time dreamboat and Academy Award nominee Ryan Gosling, “fell flat”.


How insane is that?! It just proves that even one of the most talent actors of this generation can have an off day. Furthermore, it’s a note to never give up on your dreams no matter how many doors close before you get there.

Would you have loved to see Ryan Gosling on Gilmore Girls?