Applegate Petitions for ‘Samantha Who?’

Christina Applegate has become the latest celebrity to launch a campaign to save their TV show — she is urging fans to sign a petition for her cancelled series Samantha Who?.

Applegate was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy for the show last year.

It was not enough to save the program — bosses at ABC have cancelled it for economic reasons.

But Applegate is refusing to give up without a fight, and has launched an online campaign to persuade TV chiefs to change their minds.

She has posted a link on her Twitter page urging her followers to sign an online petition, which currently has 2,400 signatures and is expected to be forwarded to executives at ABC in the next few weeks.

Applegate wrote, “I want 10,000 signatures by Monday. Am I being greedy?”

The actress is following in the footsteps of Ethan Suplee, who is campaigning to save his own show, My Name Is Earl, which was also axed earlier this month.

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