‘Apt. 23’ Fans Get Their Bitch Back for 8 Episodes


If you’ve missed Krysten Ritter‘s drunken antics, domintrax-like ensambles, quippy banter with a beloved Dawson, and jabs at Dreama Walker, then grab a roofied cocktail because The Bitch is back. Sort of. Ritter announced on her Twitter last night that ABC will be airing the remaining eight episodes of the season.

For whatever demented reason (ratings, shmatings), ABC pulled the hilarious and dare I say groundbreaking (it really is) comedy from its schedule in January, leaving fans in a state of withdrawal (almost) worse than the first time we had to say goodbye to Dawson. Though chances are this probably won’t change the ultimate fate of the series, at least we’re getting the closure we deserve.

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