Are Marnie And Ray Going To Rebound With Each Other?

Girls, Allison Williams and Alex KarpovskyHBO

As Marnie stormed out of Grumpy’s Ray’s, I could only think one thing:

“Oh my God, Marnie and Ray are like, totally gonna do it.”

Maybe that was only my inner Shoshanna talking; maybe it was something more.  After all, it would make sense: both were recently unceremoniously dumped out of the most serious relationships of their lives, and as such, both are flailing to find their footing. Will their next big mistake be … with each other?

In a weird way, it kind of makes sense: Ray’s just angry enough at Shoshanna to go after her friend, and Marnie’s in just enough of a downward spiral to lower her snobby standards enough to accept him.  Plus, we know that pursuing friend’s exes is something of an M.O. of hers; she’s plenty petty enough to do it. Oh, and remember, Ray and Charlie are best friends (yeah, I totally forgot too) – so he really is the best possible candidate for revenge.    

Yes, Ray despises Marnie, and vice versa.  But hey, they have that kind of hate-chemistry that a traditional sitcom would have capitalized on long ago, the kind of hate-chemistry that could potentially fuel a will-they-won’t-they plotline for at least a season (post break-up Ross and Rachel, Buffy and Spike, and Jeff and Britta are only the tip of the iceberg here). 

And remember all those creepy things Ray said about Marnie before he got together with Shoshanna? In season one’s “Hannah’s Diary” he said mentioned a very disturbing fantasy that involved chaining Marnie up to a pole and whipping her – then, in “Hard Being Easy,” he tells, her “I don’t even want to hate-f**k you; it’s that real. You freak me out!” I apologize for the following phrase, but it has to be said: “methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

I also think he should rescind that statement barring hate sex, because it might just be on the table.