Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s ‘Bachelor’ Blog: Tierra ‘Could Turn Into Courtney Robertson’

arie luyendyk blogEvery season of The Bachelor, a villainess emerges from the deep, dark dungeons of the mansion to try her hand at spreading evil. Her object: to win the game by getting the final rose and a proposal. How she executes her plan: by destroying all of the other women who get in her way. 

Last season, Courtney Robertson claimed the title of villainess and walked away with Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s heart. This season, starring Sean Lowe, it looks like Tierra LiCausi, with her snide remarks and jealousy, is on her way to filling Courtney’s shoes. “If this keeps going on, she could turn into Courtney Robertson,” says’s new Bachelorblogger Arie Luyendyk Jr., the popular race car driver, who was runner-up on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette. Meet the Villainess: Terrible Tierra During episode one, Sean handed Tierra the first impression rose, and since then, it has been nothing but a down-hill battle for her against the other girls. Tierra can’t handle the other women getting near her man, and the other ladies can’t stand Tierra. “She’s not handling the pressure very well,” Arie says. “And when that comes into play, you become dramatic.” But while Tierra seems to be the emerging as the villain of the season, she’s missing one important trait that took Courtney far. “Courtney was witty,” Arie says. “The girls didn’t like her, but she was really funny. That was still attractive, whereas Tierra just comes across as a little jealous and intimidated by the other girls.” And unlike Ben, Sean isn’t going to stand for Tierra’s tasteless behavior. “He called her out on this episode and let her know, ‘Hey, I’ve noticed it,'” Arie says. “She’s gotten her warning. If she doesn’t adapt and get comfortable with the situation then she’s at a risk for going home.” So Tierra better get her “sh*t together,“ as Arie puts it. “If I were to give her any advice, I would say just to relax,” Arie says. “Being jealous is not flattering. When you’re always jealous and you’re nervous, you can’t really be yourself. Confidence is always the best.” Keeping Kacie During Episode 1, Kacie Boguskie shocked America when she appeared to fight for Sean’s heart. She first made a name for herself in The Bachelor world during Ben’s season when she made it to the final four.  She’d actually met Sean a few times in between seasons and fell for him. So now, she’s trying to win his heart. But just because she had one run on the show doesn’t mean that she an edge in this season’s competition. “I was surprised that she got the rose [during Episode 2],” Arie says. “I really felt like she was fading into the background.” Kacie wasn’t as comfortable as she should have been. “Her body language indicates that she’s a little tense because she doesn’t know where they stand,” Arie says. And just because she got a rose Monday night doesn’t mean that she’s in this competition for the long haul. “I’m not convinced that she’s out of the friend zone yet,” Arie says. Sean’s Type: Does He Care About Race? During the cocktail party, Sean had to handle an interesting situation. Robyn approached him and asked him if he was interested in dating someone who is black. Sean quickly put her worries to rest, informing her that his ex-girlfriend was black. “Sean’s response was really comforting to her,” Arie says. “That was an important conversation for her to have.” In past seasons, conversations like this never happened and it took a toll on the contestants. “There was a similar situation on Emily’s season with Alejandro asking about Emily dating a Latino,” Arie says. “He was very uncomfortable the whole time because he never really brought it up. So I’m happy that Robyn did. She was brave enough to ask the hard question, and Sean handled that very well.” Sean’s Leading Lady Should Be… Desiree! Even though Sean went on a one-on-one with Sarah, he doesn’t have the same connection with her that he does with Desiree. “Sean said that he was surprised at how quickly he’s feeling this connection with Sarah, but I didn’t really see it come across on the camera,” Arie says. “I was surprised that she got the first kiss. It looked like friends were kissing. There wasn’t a lot of passion behind it. I didn’t buy it.” But Arie does “buy” Desiree’s connection with Sean. “At this point, she’s the strongest contender,” Arie says. “From the moment she walked out the limo she was super comfortable, and Sean’s really relaxed around her too. Right now, she’s by far in front of everybody else.” Side Note: Sean still needs to work on his kissing technique. Apparently, he didn’t learn anything from Arie’s kissing seminar on Episode 1. “Dude, you didn’t listen to my kissing advice,” Arie says. “Come on bro, where was all that advice at?” But Arie does love one of Sean’s moves. He totally approves of Sean kicking off the show each week without any clothes on. “In honor of my buddy ‘Shirtless Sean,’ I’m taking my shirt off every opening scene of The Bachelor and doing push ups,” Arie says. Where will you be watching The Bachelor next week, Arie? And can you pull a Nick Peterson for us? Follow Arie on Twitter @Ariejr. [Photo Credit: Voorhees Studios] More: ‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Hunk and His Punks ‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Every Rose is 50 Shades of Nuts Reality Steve Responds to Second ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Lawsuit

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