Arrested ’70s Show’ Star Tells ‘GMA’ “I Didn’t Do It!”

Lisa Robin Kelly GMA CryingNow this is what determination looks like. 

Just days after her arrest on domestic abuse charges, former That ’70s Show star Lisa Robin Kelly is speaking up for herself. Though she faces drug and alcohol problems when she was busy playing Eric Foreman’s older sister Laurie on the Fox hit, she claims that this time, she’s wrongfully accused. But there’s nothing new about that; she’s been claiming innocence since she was cuffed on April 3. It’s the raw emotion in this interview that’s shocking. She’s clearly not over the traumatic experience, yet she’s taking to the airwaves to tell her side of the story. 
Interspersed among photos of the boyfriend who sent her to jail (the fact that he’s making sinister James Bond villain faces certainly helps her story’s credibility), we find a tearful Kelly pleading her case. 
“My poor mother has to look at that picture … that’s not me … This is all a bunch of made-up stuff,” she says. She adds evidence for her present innocence, claiming that she always admits when she’s wrong: “With the 70s Show, I was guilty.”

She also claims that her estranged boyfriend is the one who hit her, despite the fact that he was the one who called the police. But in the end, she delivers a tearful mantra, “If I can make it through this, I can make it through anything.”

While That ’70s Show’s Laurie was the one we all loved to hate, it’s pretty hard to look at this heartbroken actress and not feel at least a pang of sympathy. Whether or not her confession is truthful, her road is a tough one.


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