Play the ‘Arrested Development’ Game of Life!

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While we wait patiently for the return of Arrested development, taking form as a 15-episode season on Netflix come Sunday, we seek any means to pass the interim time. Even, dare we say, board games — specifically that existanital epic, The Game of Life. All in all, the game was kind of boring, much like its source material: you go to college, you get a job, you endure the odd mayoral election. Nothing like the far more captivating people on the show we’re striving so drastically to stop thinking about until it finally hits the web. But if we can withstand the pangs of Bluthlessness for just one more second, then we might come to realize: the lives of the Arrested Development are far more deserving of a board game incarnation than our own.

As such, we took to the crawl space to dig up our old Life board, replacing the various humdrum twists and turns with the sort of things you’d find in your favorite episodes of Mitch Hurwitz’s genius comedy. Click the above image to check out’s own Arrested Development Game of Life… it might keep you duly occupied until the fateful return of the Bluth family. 


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