‘Arrested Development’ Meets ‘The Godfather’ in Mashup Video

Credit: FOX; Paramount Pictures

Never before has “making someone an offer they can’t refuse” involved coughing up animation rights to Mr. Bananagrabber. In the final days before the long awaited new episodes of Arrested Development, fans are finding their passions peak, resulting in creative ventures like the one below: Arrested Godfather, an appropriately titled mashup of Mitch Hurwitz’s comedy series and the cinematic juggernaut The Godfather. The 7-minute video melds the Corleones with the Bluths, combining the Michaels (Al Pacino becomes that one son who has no choice but to keep his family together), turning Sonny into GOB, and (best of all) transforming Robert Duvall’s consiglieri Tom Hagen into Tobias Fünke.

Watch below, and gear up for the new season on Netflix this Sunday.

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