Nine People You Didn’t Know Were on ‘Arrested Development’

Credit: FOX

Kenneth Parcell started his illustrious career of getting things for other people on Arrested Development. I repeat: before he was serving Tracy Jordan’s every whim, Jack McBrayer was serving drinks to a wink-happy Lucille Bluth (and being interrupted by an opportunistic Bluth son). 

But he’s not alone. We scoured every single episode of Arrested Development’s three seasons, thanks to the wonder of Netflix, and found nine people who were nobodies (at least to the general pop culture consumer) when they debuted their tiny (sometimes miniscule) roles on the Fox show. 

I suppose we’d better pay attention when we start gobbling up the new Arrested Development episodes over Memorial Day weekend. Some average guy visiting the Banana Stand may just be the next beloved sitcom star. 

GALLERY: Nine People You Didn’t Know Were on ‘Arrested Development’

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