‘Arrested Development’ Easter Egg Poster Reveals 5 New Season 4 Clips

‘Arrested Development’ Easter Egg Poster Reveals 5 New Season 4 Clips

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Credit: Netflix

Even though there are less than 48 hours standing between us and the new episodes of Arrested Development, debuting on Netflix on Sunday after an arduous seven-year Bluth hiatus, we’re still aching for any unseen material we can find.

A new interactive poster, produced by Netflix and accessible via the link below, offers five new clips from the upcoming season. The catch: you have to earn them, by hunting down and clicking on the poster’s hidden Easter Eggs. Much like the students at the Milford Academy, these eggs are neither seen nor heard, so you’ll need to amp up your detective skills (or call Gene Parmesan for help) to find the elusive videos. Good luck!


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