‘Arrow’ React: Laurel Lance, What Are You Doing?!?



Laurel Lance, I have a bone to pick with you.

Last night on Arrow, you really got yourself into a pickle. I know you can protect yourself with all the training your cop dad gave you and the gun you keep in your desk drawer. But even the best of us need a little help sometimes. And in that prison riot, you sure as hell needed all the help you could get.

Thank goodness your guardian angel Arrow was there to save the day! For those of you who didn’t catch Arrow last night, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) was meeting with a client who was wrongfully sentenced to death and she was trying to prove his innocence. Too bad the men framing her client also set up a massive prison riot intended to kill him so he wouldn’t testify. Laurel, honey, that is the definition of wrong-place-wrong-time.

She almost made it out of the prison, but couldn’t quite make it to the exit before she was attacked by a prisoner. Arrow (Stephen Amell), hiding in the shadows in a prison guard’s uniform and ski mask – totally subtle, I might add – pulled the prisoner off of Laurel and almost beat him to death. I say almost, because Laurel stopped him before any real damage could be done.

Outside the prison, talking with Det. Lance (her above-mentioned cop dad), she agreed that Arrow is a dangerous man. She was frightened that he almost killed the criminal attacking her.

“There’s something inside of him that’s not human,” Laurel said, with tears in her eyes as Arrow listened in from the shadows.

Girl, hold up. Before you get all obnoxiously high and mighty with your judgments, let’s take a step back and review the situation, shall we? You were trying to escape a prison riot. You were being attacked by a criminal. You were about to be killed by said criminal. Your self-proclaimed “guardian angel” shows up out of nowhere and saves your life. You take pity on the escaped convict who was trying to kill you, and judge the man who saved your life?

Now, something doesn’t add up here. Yes, obviously killing people is bad. But in this situation Arrow was literally doing it to save your life, and now you are afraid of Arrow? I think you have to pick your arguments wisely. Would you rather be dead? Because if Arrow hadn’t jumped in when he did, that is what you would be. Dead.

And now that you’re hopping on the judgment train, Arrow/Oliver is going to start second-guessing his mission and his actions, and that only hurts Starling City. He is dangerous, yes, but not to you and not to the city. He is the necessary evil to wipe out the corrupt and downright evil plaguing the city. And now that his ex-bodyguard Diggle has agreed to work with him, Arrow’s moral compass has never been more north. We – Arrow, Diggle, Starling City, and the audience – don’t need you on that high horse bringing Arrow down. Time to grow up and face the fact that he is doing what needs to be done. He has already helped you with your work on more than occasion: getting you the evidence you need, saving your life, proving your clients’ innocence or guilt.

You can’t pick and choose everything Arrow does when he has already proven himself useful to you and to Starling City. Now is not the time to get hypocritical and judge him.

Laurel, you’ve got some growing up to do, and fast: you only have a week until we meet again!

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