‘Arrow’ React: Lie to Me


Last night saw the debut of Deathstroke, and he really wields a stroke of death.

… wow, that was awful. If I promise not to make any more puns, will you stick with me?

You guys are the best! You know what also was the best? Last night’s Arrow. We left off last week with what seemed like the end of the road for our favorite hooded archer. Oliver Queen was arrested on suspicion of being the vigilante, and his arresting officer Det. Lance was as happy as a fat kid in a candy store. The police had video evidence of Oliver grabbing a duffel bag and the green hood in a stairwell of the building where Deadshot was firing his poisoned bullets. Now, I thought this was concrete evidence and Oliver was screwed. Little did I know that Oliver actually planned the entire thing!

Yup, he knew the security cameras were there, and he set the entire thing up. He wanted to be arrested so he can have an alibi for when another hooded archer – Diggle, who was thoroughly enjoying playing the part and playing with Oliver’s “billionaire vigilante toys” – took down an arms deal. Oliver knew it was only a matter of time before people put two and two together: that Arrow came to Starling City at the same time that Oliver reappeared. The writers are so smart! Diggle successfully pulled off the ruse, and Oliver was cleared of all charges.

But not before he succumbed to a polygraph in front of Det. Lance. Oliver was desperate to prove his innocence to the one person that wouldn’t give up on exposing that Oliver = Arrow. While a jury, judge, and society would accept Oliver’s cover story, Det. Lance would never be fooled. So: polygraph.

Turns out, the island was good for more than just archery lessons and rosetta stone-ing. Oliver also picked up the ability to lie so well he can fool a polygraph.

And another island reveal this week: the group of black ops guys we got a glimpse of turns out to be run by a man named Edward Fyers who wants to find Oliver’s mentor, Bearded Asian Arrow. I guess the island is big enough that Fyers and his men can’t find Bearded Asian Arrow out and about hunting for rabbits and marooned billionaires? Fyers wants him so badly that when Oliver lies (badly) and says he’s never seen him before, in comes seriously the scariest looking dude wielding a katana ever Deathstroke.

The reason behind all of Oliver’s scars becomes quite clear when Deathstroke starts torturing him. Bearded Asian Arrow saves Oliver and brings him back to their home cave, but not before Deathstroke does some serious damage. The takeaway we get from this: Oliver and Bearded Asian Arrow begin to form a bond after Oliver refused to give up Bearded Asian Arrow’s whereabouts. Now we can get to the training montages, right? Right?!? I’m not desperate.

Back in present day, during the polygraph test Oliver does give up one true secret to Det. Lance and Laurel: he was not alone on that island, and his not-so-friendly neighbors tortured him. This got us our weekly shirtless scene later on, when Oliver showed Laurel just how bad things really got for him. We also got our first Oliver/Laurel kiss, which was pretty great. Laurel pushed him away, but you know that’s not going to last. Can’t wait to see this go further!

Laurel also noticed something wonky. During the polygraph test, Det. Lance asked if Oliver had ever been to a certain prison where Laurel was saved by Arrow last week. Oliver said no, but here’s the catch: Oliver and Laurel went to that same prison for an eighth grade field trip. Laurel looked over the polygraph results and was shocked that there wasn’t even a flutter when Oliver lied. When she confronted him later, actually suspecting him to be Arrow, he convinces her he’s not by pulling the “I’m too selfish to be a hero” card. I think it works, but we can’t be too sure. Only time will tell if Laurel believes him or starts to figure out his secret.

Also, Walter confronted Moira about the salvaged Queen’s Gambit he came across in last week’s episode, and she gave some vague warning about how it was too deep for him to get involved. He then left for Australia for “business” but really I spy a divorce in the future. Who woulda thunk that the guy with the British accent was actually the good guy? I had my money on him being evil in some way.

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