‘Arrow’ React: Revenge Vs. Justice

‘Arrow’ React: Revenge Vs. Justice


The salmon ladder is back!

Besides the legendary ladder that Stephen Amell is so skilled at, last night’s Arrow also gave us a glimpse into one, maybe two, possible enemies in Oliver’s future. While the hour started off with Helena Bertinelli naked in bed with Oliver, it ended with the fully-costumed Huntress firmly opposing Arrow’s views of justice, only interested in getting revenge. But there also might have been a few clues into Tommy’s future as the possible archenemy Merlyn. And the salmon ladder made an appearance!

Oliver tried desperately throughout “Vendetta” to change Helena’s core beliefs into his own, but as he found out later, trying to change someone isn’t love. He couldn’t get Helena to accept his way of justice – though he tried his hardest. Helena wanted to pit her father’s organization against the Triad, essentially starting a war in Starling City. Oliver knew that would end up hurting a lot of innocent people, and he tried to get Helena to see that she could have her revenge through justice – make the corrupt answer for their crimes in court instead of just killing them. Diggle doesn’t think that Helena is trustworthy, or that Oliver could reform her successfully, and unfortunately for Oliver, he was right. Helena kills the head of the Triad, frames her father, and the war begins. Oliver intervenes before Helena could shoot her father, and even though Helena’s father goes to jail for his crimes, Helena can’t forgive Oliver for taking away her opportunity for revenge. She threatens to reveal his identity if he gets in her way again. Enemy #1: The Huntress.

Something Helena said before killing the head of the Triad really spoke volumes about her character. When the mob head looked into the barrels of her guns, he quoted Confucius in Chinese: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” Helena responded, “I don’t speak Chinese,” and shot him point blank. This really showed how she is just a shallow girl wanting to get revenge. There was no depth in her takedown. Other revenge-seekers – Arrow himself, and Revenge’s Emily Thorne and Aiden – have thoughtfully planned out their actions, trained for years, and have gained a dark wisdom in their mission for justice (even though their show is called Revenge, Emily and Aiden are actually enacting justice on the corrupt people who framed an innocent man). But Helena is just a scorned, spoiled little girl with daddy issues. She even admitted it to Oliver: “I guess you were right, I’m more interested in revenge.” She doesn’t care about what’s right – leaving her father and his organization to the mercy of the law – she only wants an eye for an eye – having her father learn what it feels like to have his entire world destroyed by family. There is no saving Helena Bertinelli. She’s too far gone. Plus, the salmon ladder was back!

And as for Enemy #2: [Possible Spoiler Alert] Merlyn. In DC comics, Merlyn is the archenemy of Arrow, a costumed villain with archery skills rivaling the hooded hero’s. He used to be Oliver’s friend before going dark. Last night’s Arrow saw the possible beginnings of Tommy’s descent into villainy, as envy of Laurel’s feelings for Oliver bubbled to the surface, ruining their double date. The fact that he has also been cut off from his money by his father while Oliver is still rich only added to his ill feelings. And let’s not forget the reveal of his father being the mysterious evil man who was meeting with Moira last week. Could Tommy be the mysterious copycat archer in next week’s promo?

And will we see the salmon ladder again?

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