‘Arrow’ React: Someone Finds Out Arrow’s Secret Identity!


ALTArrow, you’ve done it again. Each week, I keep thinking you can’t get any better. And then you go and prove me wrong. Thanks for that. I love being served a big ol’ slice of humble pie on a weekly basis.

No really, I do! Especially when it’s a slice of the Arrow-is-increasingly-awesome flavor of humble pie. It’s my favorite kind!

This week’s sweet treat is brought to you by Deadshot, a hit man who uses poison bullets (if the shot didn’t kill you, you’ll be done in later by the rare form of poison) and tats his beautiful bod abs torso with the names of his unfortunate victims. While Deadshot claimed that not only did he admire Arrow’s work, but they are also both in the same line of work – taking down the corrupt men running Starling City, Arrow was quick to cut him down: Arrow fights for justice, to clean up the city, and Deadshot was just a gun for hire.

Hired by, I should add, the Bratva, a.k.a. the Russian mob. An organization of which Oliver Queen/Arrow is a captain(!!!). The mystery of his tattoos and background deepens.

While Arrow eventually killed Deadshot in their final showdown (with an arrow through his goggle… ouch), he didn’t escape from the fray unscathed. The poison bullets Deadshot uses? Arrow found out that important little detail after suffering a gunshot to his shoulder. After doing some impressive self-surgery and getting the bullet out, Oliver felt woozy. And quickly understood he had been poisoned. He ran to his fancy secret mystery box and pulled out an herbal antidote. Thank goodness he had been shot and was able to figure the poison component out, because after following Oliver to the duel between Arrow and Deadshot, bodyguard Dig was hit with a stray bullet on the sidelines. Arrow got Dig back to Arrow HQ and gave him the antidote.

Dig regained consciousness in the final 30 seconds, long enough to get an eyeful of Oliver as Arrow, and Arrow as Oliver.

And there you have it, folks. The secret is out, and Arrow gets a sidekick (maybe? Hopefully?). Dig was already wising up to Oliver’s secret, after Oliver kept shaking the bodyguard’s shadowing so expertly, and his handy throwing of a kitchen knife from across the room with such precision. Dig was the only one in Oliver’s life who noticed there was something darker brewing underneath the façade of billionaire playboy. And now that he’s been clued in to the truth, there are a couple ways Dig can react. He can go into bodyguard mode and force Oliver to give up his dangerous vigilante ways (and therefore do his job by keeping Oliver out of dangerous situations). That would only make things harder for Arrow to sneak away and do his job cleaning up the streets of Starling City. He could force Oliver to tell his family what’s been going on in some therapeutic effort. Or –and this is what I really want to see – he could team up with Arrow and become a sidekick of sorts, lending his combat expertise to Arrow’s guerrilla tactics. It seems as if this is something Oliver wants as well, seeing as how he didn’t even attempt to hide his identity when Dig woke up. He could have disappeared, worn a mask or his hood, anything to keep up the charade. But he just sat in plainclothes, waiting to present himself to Dig. Maybe he has been craving someone to talk to, and share his new life with. He certainly seemed happy to show himself – his true self – to Dig.

There is nothing better than the episode in which someone finds out the truth about the protagonist. The big reveal: it’s what entire seasons, entire series lead to. And Arrow gave us the reveal in the third episode. Awesome. I can’t even imagine where this show will take us next.

Oh yeah, some other things not including Stephen Amell’s muscles happened, like Thea spilled the beans of Laurel and Tommy’s romance (that Oliver already knew about and Laurel deduced from Oliver’s lack of reaction), Thea was perpetually wasted and acted like a sullen rich teenager, Laurel was a badass and took down a guy three times her size, Arrow asked (demanded?) Det. Lance for police force backup and actually got it (yay teamwork!), and there was not only another archer on the island, but a whole group of black ops guys! Is this the Bratva? I seriously can’t wait for the episode that focuses on what really happened on the island, you guys.

And our eye-candy of the week: Arrow is too cool to lift weights, so he lifts 3 cement cinderblocks. At once. No big deal. I wasn’t drooling. Nope.

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[Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW]


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