Ashton Kutcher’s DMV Series Finds a Home on TruTV

ALTAshton Kutcher may be making a teensy bit less per Two and a Half Men episode than Charlie Sheen did, but he’ll always make more outside the show than Sheen.

Exhibit A: His latest side project, a reality series about working at the Department of Motor Vehicles, has been picked up by TruTV.

California DMV: Field Offices promises to jump “behind the counter” and offer viewers a look at what really goes on at the DMV (which is apparently more than just waiting on line).

“We’ve all spent time at the DMV, but few people know what it’s like to work for the DMV. California DMV: Field Offices promise to be a glimpse at what DMV workers experience, from strange to hilarious,” said Jason Goldberg, DMV’s co-exec producer who you may remember as Kutcher’s Punk’d cohort.


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