Astro-Gate: ‘X Factor’ Rapper Stirs More Controversy

ALTThe X Factor‘s resident rapper, 14-year-old Astro, has stirred up controversy about the competition series, saying, “I doubt I was in the bottom two.”

The sound byte follows Astro’s placement in last week’s bottom two (votes-wise), which prompted him to question whether he should perform for “survival” — as is the series’ rule — when, essentially, fans didn’t even want him there. (As viewers know, he survived the cut in place of Stacie Francis.)

Now Astro claims his bad attitude was directed more at the show than fans, but he has ignited more controversy by implying, more or less, that the voting was not legit.

He says: “It was kind of aggravating on my part, because basically something that happened behind the scenes. I felt like I was being treated unfairly, basically that was X Factor’s way of punishing me. I don’t care to talk about what happened, but I doubt I was in the bottom two.”

He continued: “Not to sound cocky,” he continues. “But I don’t see how you can have the most followers on Twitter of all the contestants, most views on YouTube of all the contestants, and be voted in the bottom two. So, I knew something was fishy… That’s why I spazzed out.”

What will the backlash be this week? Tune in Wednesday to see if he survives the cut!

Source: THR

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