Audrina Patridge Eliminated From ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Last night, I read that Audrina Patridge was “very close” to signing a deal with Mark Burnett to star in her own reality series that will so thankfully focus on her dealing with her family as a celebrity in Hollywood. But I thought to myself, “really? A DWTS trophy isn’t enough for her?” Because I really thought she was going to be, at least, one of the three or four last remaining pairs on the show! She moves well, but her teeth are always showing makes and it makes it seem like she’s emotionless, and therefore, like watching what it would be like if I tried entertaining you by gliding one of my boyfriend’s Superman figurines across my desk all nicely. In any case, she was eliminated last night from the competition. Here was her dance from Monday night.

And as this clip shows you, Bristol Palin wasn’t even in the bottom two… again. It was between Jennifer Grey and Audrina.

I have to ask: am I the only one that wants Bristol Palin to lose this, and thinks she should have already lost? I ask because every week I write about how she’s a terrible dancer, and yet you all discontinue stalking someone on Facebook and leave your dog and your pizza unattended to go vote for Bristol like 4 times, or however many times you’re allowed to vote that isn’t in any way, shape, or form similar to a real exercise of democracy. Why are you keeping her around? Is it because you think if she gets to the finale, Sarah Palin will show up? Is that what you think? You think she’ll hop on her lipstick decked out plane and fly to Los Angeles and she’ll read her own book to pass the time and she’ll thank herself for creating what is almost a DWTS champion? Don’t you see how that will turn snakes back into fish? Don’t you see that?