Awards 2012: Making a Case For ‘Modern Family’


modern family

It takes a true comedic gem to really stand out among all the other hilarious television shows out there, but Modern Family seems to pull it off time and time again, filling our screens and our hearts with non-stop entertainment. I mean, let’s be honest, watching a family like this really leaves you no choice but to have a good time. So what exactly is their “Family” secret, making it sweep the television awards boards year after year? I have a few thoughts on the matter…

First of all, the show does an outstanding job of mirroring the many ups and downs of a real life family. Whether Manny is attempting to win the affections of his latest school crush, or Phil’s trying to (once again) gain the approval of his intimidating father-in-law, the show explores relatable issues that every family member could actually face in day-to-day life. Secondly, the writers don’t limit themselves by focusing on one specific age or gender, but instead center the plot around cross generational conflicts. It’s not just about kids fighting with kids or adults fighting with adults – the show focuses on a variety of family relationships and how they could comically play off of one another, which makes the obstacles they face that much more interesting and fun to watch.

Another great attribute the show has going for it is its unique assortment of memorable characters. Look at the series’ essential power duos: Phil/Luke and Manny/Jay. Luke constantly supports all of his dad’s childish antics and vice-versa, whether it’s tightrope-walking or creating spectacular YouTube videos, these guys never fall short of genuine, comedic artistry. And Manny’s old soul personality perfectly off-sets Jay’s tough guy demeanor, making their relationship not only amusing, but downright sweet. All the characters possess their own set of endearing qualities, but it’s how they use those significant characteristics amid each other that truly helps define the show’s overall caliber of greatness.

As a whole, Modern Family has always been an insanely ambitious project, covering an array of non-conventional topics and continuously pushing the boundaries of comedy that truly sets it apart from its network counterparts. Think about all the relative issues they put a positive spin on. The show presents a gay couple adopting an Asian baby and raising her in a loving, adorable manner, further proving that if you have double the daddies, you get double the love. A divorced Colombian mother and her son end up starting over and finding love again by joining this wacky family, showing kids that happiness can be found even if your parents are no longer together. The fact that any show has the guts to delve into such controversial topics is enough to earn it a Golden Globe all by itself, and this one does it with a smile on its face. Modern Family demonstrates that a true family is only as strong as the love they share for one another and this group has more than enough to go around.

Some might call it beginner’s luck, but this show is just hitting its stride and only continues to get better — which is evident considering the show’s multiple nods in not just the Globes, but the Screen Actors Guild, Writers Guild, Producers Guild, and People’s Choice Awards for 2012. The praise is unanimous! This series not only has more depth and character than your regular run-of-the-mill comedy – it has twice the heart. Gone are the traditional stipulations of how a family “should” be – we live in a modern world and this is a modern show, where perfection is in the eye of the beholder. This show proves that love can be found in many different ways, shapes, and sizes – even in the form of a globe made of gold. Let’s show them the love!