Bachelor Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson Won’t Get Married, Says Past Winner

ALTBen Flajnik is heading for heartbreak if he proposes to Courtney Robertson over Lindzi Cox during the March 12 season finale of The Bachelor. Former Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak believes that Ben and Courtney will definitely break up — and that even if the couple gets back together for a few weeks, they will never make it down the aisle. 

“I’d assume they’d break up in weeks after filming ending,” Jesse tells “I see this as what you saw with Courtney giving her apology out [at the Women Tell All]. They will never be together. They will go outside, she will get in her limo, he’s going to get in a separate limo and drive away. This was a TV fling.”
Courtney wasn’t interested in finding love when she signed on to do the show. “She was on the show to get famous and build her career,” explains Jesse.
But Courtney played the part so well that Ben fell madly in love with her. Sadly, Courtney didn’t — and still doesn’t — return Ben’s affection. “She didn’t fall in love with him,” says Jesse. “She’s trying to be an actress.”
Plus, the couple’s nuptials would be more about money than love if they actually did tie the knot. “They want you to get married,” Jesse reveals. “The relationship becomes a job. It’s not about love anymore. If you don’t have time to be alone and be in love, it’s not going to work.”
So if Ben does in fact choose Courtney, Jesse predicts that their relationship will end in “six months” or less. There “isn’t a chance” that they will ever get married.

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