‘Bachelor’ Final Rose Recap: Meet the Parents in Switzerland

Bachelor Ben Ring 2012“I have two incredible women here whom I’m head over heels in love with.” – Ben

We start off in Zermatt, Switzerland, where Ben meets up with his mom and sister to discuss his final two women. Having each girl meet his family is very important to Ben because he hopes it will bring some outside perspective to the situation. Whoever he picks will need to fit in well with his family, so this a pretty big deal. As Ben begins to describe his two remaining bachelorettes, his sister just happens to ask (without any help from the producers, I’m sure) if there was anyone who didn’t exactly get along with the other girls. This prompts Ben to divulge Courtney’s unpopular reputation among the ladies, signaling immediate red flags for both his sister and his mom. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Lindzi’s introduction isup first.

Unsurprisingly, they instantly love her. Her naturally warm and caring nature makes her easy to be around. Of course, they ask her the usual questions you would expect: “What made you fall in love with Ben?” etc. And she passes with flying colors. However, Ben’s sister, Julie wants to get Lindzi’s input on the Courtney situation. But rather than throw her competition under the bus, she simply says she and Courtney are completely different people. This only adds to Julie’s growing suspicions of Courtney’s character, so Lindzi’s odds are looking pretty good at this point. By the end of the day she’s earned the mom-sister stamp of approval.

“If I don’t get the approval from my mom and sister, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” – Ben

The next day, it’s Courtney’s turn and Ben is worried his family has pre-judged her and won’t be able to keep an open mind while meeting her. Julie cuts right to the point though and confronts Courtney about her dramatic past. And in true Courtney fashion, she claims to have made a real effort with the girls, but eventually gave up when they didn’t accept her. Granted, she admits she’s ashamed of some of her actions, but still drastically downplays all the drama she created throughout this entire season. However, it seems to do the trick for Ben’s mom, who ends up actually liking Courtney. Julie even refers to Courtney as “kind” (yes, you read that right), so Lindzi doesn’t appear to have such a great advantage after all.

“When I’m with her I feel like we’re good together.” – Ben

But each girl still has one final date to go on with Ben before he makes his final decision. For their final date, Lindzi and Ben go skiing and share a romantic lunch on a Gondola ride. And after her nice heart-to-heart with Ben’s sister, Lindzi makes a real effort to put herself emotionally out there for Ben and let him know how invested she is in the relationship. She completely opens up to him and tells him she sees herself having a life with him and that she’s ready to be his wife. It’s obviously a really big step for her and Ben is incredibly impressed by her effort. In the end, he admits to seeing a real future with Lindzi.

“I’m terrified that Ben might do to me what Ashley did to him.” – Courtney

For Ben’s final date with Courtney they take a helicopter ride over the Matterhorn and share a fun day of sledding together. They visibly, genuinely enjoy each other’s company and Ben is just as taken with Courtney as ever. Later that night, she even makes her own attempt at vulnerability and presents Ben with an album she’s made with pictures of the two of them. Additionally, she composed a very sentimental card, expressing just how much she needs and wants him in her life. It’s a side to Courtney we rarely get to see, but shows she’s not completely heartless as the world makes her out to be.

Still, she remains extremely concerned that Ben may not care for her as much as she cares for him, especially since he’s expressed doubts about her in the past. It leaves her with a tense, unsettling feeling.

“I know the woman I want to spend my life with.” – Ben

And then we get to the most pivotal part of the show: Ben’s decision. While picking out the ring, Ben reveals that there’s only one woman he can think of proposing to and although he knows it’s going to be hard, he’s finally realized whom he’ll be sending home. And sure enough, that person is Lindzi. Ben sadly tells Lindzi that although he’s fallen in love with her, he’s even more in love with someone else. Naturally, she’s hurt, but she seems to take the news relatively well. She even tells Ben to call her if things don’t work out between him and Courtney.

So you know what this means, folks. Ben gets down on one knee and proposes to the girl everyone loves to hate: Courtney. It was actually a very sweet moment for the two of them and Courtney even breaks down crying. However, it’s just so hard to find happiness for someone who was so spiteful and mean for so many weeks. Even so, they both seem really happy together in that moment, so we’ll just have to see where their relationship goes from this point.

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