‘Bachelor’ Finale Promo: Courtney as The Evil Queen From ‘OUAT’

Courtney Evil Queen ABC PromoIf you’ve watched anything on ABC in the past three months, you’ve probably seen the Once Upon a Time promo – the one that serves to entice viewers to tune in for the non-stop action the series has to offer with quick cuts and dramatic cymbals and drums. It follows the classic theme: the ultimate clash between good and evil. And during the March 11 episode of Once Upon a Time, ABC aired a Bachelor commercial that’s a riff on their own aggressive marketing campaign: “Good vs. Courtney.

You can watch both promos below, and notice that in place of Prince Charming throwing his sword at the Evil Queen, we find Courtney making her double gun “killshot!” gesture. Whoever the wacky marketer behind this promo is deserves a round of applause, because whether or not this is the right way to promote The Bachelor, it’s certain an eye-catching way to go about it. 
Watch the matching promos below and enjoy the uncanny resemblance. 



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