‘Bachelor’ Women Tell All: 10 Cattiest Quotes

Bachelor Women Tell AllDuring the usual pre-Final Rose Ceremony tradition, The Bachelor’s Women Tell All special, audiences were shocked to see finalist Courtney Robertson stop by, apologize and subsequently break down in tears. Sure, Bachelor Ben Faljnik’s rumored fiance making an appearance during the special was unprecedented. But the real reason most of us tune in to this episode is to see the verbal hair-pulling. We’re here for the catty, ridiculous, sarcastic remarks the ladies throw at each other, and while they didn’t deliver that in spades as usual, there were a few noteworthy jabs.

Brittney to Samantha: “You are like the Chihuahua of the house. You just won’t stop talking.”

The great thing about this quote is that the audience applause is deafening while Chris Harrison tries to hide his own case of the giggles and the cherry on top: Brittney claps for herself.

Emily about Ben and Courtney: “If he does choose her, he made his bed, he can lie in it.”

Hell hath no fury like a level-headed woman’s scorn?

Samantha about Courtney: “She was in it to win it, end of story.”

(What every woman on that stage is thinking.)

Emily about Courtney: “Does she have a heart? I don’t think so.”

It’s funny that Emily had so much thoughtful commentary when she was in the hot seat, but when she was among the other girls, the kitten claws came out.

Elyse to Courtney: “It’s not only about being trashy and going skinny dipping, but then to say that [Ben’s] a ‘sight for sore eyes after looking at Elyse all night?'”

Bad-mouthing another girl’s appearance to Ben? Pretty shameful. It’s behaviors like this that make it hard to believe Ben knows what he’s doing with Courtney.

Nicki about Courtney: “Oh, now it’s down to the final four…Then she flips it and now she feels bad?”

Nicki’s got a point – the girl wouldn’t apologize or accept apologies from the other girls until Ben started to get a little worried about her behavior. It looks pretty disingenuous…

Blakeley to Courtney: “Courtney, I’m trying to be nice to you and you’re not even looking at me. You called me a stripper on national television.”

We’re not sure how this constitutes attempting to be nice, but it does prove that even though Blakeley was a bit of a villain in her own right, no one can compare to Courtney. Water works or not, Courtney was purely evil on the show. Blakeley was just obnoxious.

Jen about Ben picking Blakely over her: “I thought ‘I went home and he’s considering taking Blakeley home to his mom?’ No offense [Blakeley].”

Translation: No offense, but how could Ben pick your nutty “blessings” over me? But please don’t hate me. At least I didn’t call you a stripper.

Jamie to Ben: “If you’re not happy with whoever you choose, I’m…you know…(winks)”

This girl is just a little bananas. She’s the one who finally kissed Ben by hopping on top of him in a mini-dress and instructing him when and how to open and close his mouth. His deer-in-the-headlines expression when she utters this awkward proposition says it all: don’t wait by the phone, Jamie.

Honorable mention:

Chris Harrison to the audience: “The women are…understandably pissed.”

This is about as close as Harrison will ever get to admitting that Courtney was The Bachelor equivalent of a fire-breathing dragon.