‘Bachelor: Women Tell All’ Preview: Courtney Crashes The Party

Courtney Bachelor Women Tell AllMarch 5 marks what usually comes as a throw-away episode during any given Bachelor season: the Women Tell All special. But this season, what usually serves as filler and a frustrating buffer between the fantasy suites and the final rose ceremony becomes something else altogether: an episode worth watching. And it’s all thanks to the presence of one Courtney Robertson.

The rejected bachelorettes have no qualms about slamming bad girl contestant Courtney, in fact Blakeley takes a personal interest in speaking out against the model. During the baseball episode, Courtney referred to Blakeley as a stripper, and she hasn’t forgotten: “When it comes to me and Courtney, she says things about me like, ‘Oh I didn’t know strippers could play baseball. Well Courtney, I didn’t know that models were strippers as well because you took your clothes off in front of America. Not me.”

But she’s not the only one who’s upset. Emily is still on the tirade that got her kicked off the show, claiming that Courtney’s recent apology about her vicious behavior is simply a tactic for winning. Even the sweet girl many thought was a frontrunner, Kacie B. gets in on the action and third place contestant, Nicki, proves she’s not over Ben when her Courtney-bashing gets just a little emotional.

It’s just after Emily says, “Does Courtney know love? Does she have a heart? I don’t think so. I think it could have been Joe Shmoe sitting in the seat and Courtney would have done her damnest to make sure she got the finale rose,” that host Chris Harrison reveals the awful truth: Courtney is there, listening to everything and the episode will revolve around her defending herself. Alright, we’re listening. Watch the preview below and get ready for the hairspray and bobby pins to fly.

The Bachelor: Women Tell All airs March 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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